When we talk about building, it should has an exit path that can be use as an emergency exit and evacuation. However, the number of exits can be categorized later based on the classification and area of the building.

Last time, DSIGNMEP team visited a building that has a purpose as a campus or a small university. We accidentally found that they have emergency exits but they were blocked by some materials, cardboard, and trash bin.

Even if we don’t use these emergency exits regularly, it is said clearly that these exits should be free of materials and can be reached easily. Because we will never know when we are going to use these exits for sure. It can be in the next 5 minutes, or hours.

As said in the Ministry of Public Works regulation number 26/PRT/M/2008 dated 30 December 2008:
The Exit must be placed and exit access must be arranged so that the extract is easily reached at any time.

If more than one exit is required from buildings or parts thereof, such exits must be placed far away from each other and must be arranged and constructed to minimize the possibility of blocking all exits by fire or other emergency conditions.

Hence, please pay attention to the emergency exit in your building. Do not hesitate to report to the building management if you find this because it is your right and it has also been regulated in the regulations regarding the building.

Stay safe, people!

See you in the next post!

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